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Re: Under contract, but very worried (IRS / 4056-T form / Streamline agreement)

8-12 weeks does seem excessive.  Normally the turn around time for mail in returns is 4-6 weeks.  I called the toll free number for the Tax Advocates and spoke to a representative that took my information down and said a local rep would call within 3-5 days.  The local rep called the next day and I told him that I had already mailed in my return but needed to make sure the transcript would be available for a mortgage approval that was due to close on the 19th.  The rep asked me to send him an exact copy of what we sent and he would expedite for us so that we can have the transcripts before we are due to close.  He also asked me to include a letter explaining our situation and the escrow closing date.  The other return that we sent last month would just be considered a duplicate.  I just called him today to see if he said he just received them today.  We're crossing our fingers that  the transcript is available soon.