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Re: When do homes become unlisted on sites like
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jessica04 wrote:

Just out of curiousity, does anyone know when homes become unlisted on sites like

There are many, many MLS vendors that feed into accepts the listing based on the "status" of the listing. For example, if it is New or Active or Back on Market you will see the property on

You won't see properties for which their status reads "Pending" or "Sold".  However, there is a catagory that some MLS systems support called "Contingent". These listings that are contingent show as available on the MLS but they are under contract with a contingency that has not been satisfied. The contingency can be anything: inspections, financing or third party approval are the most common contingencies. The contingency can be short or it can be extremely long, especially in the case of a short sale. picks up these types of properties and shows them as available even though they are under contract.


So are you calling the agents about certain properties and finding that they tell you its not available because its under contract?


I will tell you that in our area it looks like there are a lot of properties available on but when you go onto the MLS you see that a huge percentage of the properties are actually under contract with a contingency. It can be frustrating for both the buyer and the agent.