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Re: Under contract, but very worried (IRS / 4056-T form / Streamline agreement)

Dang, guys... same boat here, just I'm scheduled for the 14th, but putting in an extension for the 23rd. LO wants to close this year to keep rate locked (is this true?). Have everything else the UW has asked for... submitted 39 total pages of letters/canceled checks etc. Everything hinges on this really.


I called the advocate on Friday and they called me back this morning. Not quite next business day. They took it on, but said they would have my case manager call on Friday and I needed to be by the phone like I couldn't call them back. Today is Tuesday so I'm wondering what happens between now and Friday, if anything. She sounded encouraging and made me send her a faxed return so she could expadite it. What that means, we'll find out. I guess like you said this is basically them submitting the return separately and just trying to rush it through the process from start to finish. Whichever return goes through first kind of thing?


8-12 weeks or whatever is a number I havent heard from anyone... Have heard 5-7 weeks from IRS when I called to check on my payment, have heard 6 weeks from my accountant/lawyer and as soon as 4 weeks from my realtor's wife (accountant). Has anyone actually had success with this? vlaw?


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