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Re: When do homes become unlisted on sites like
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tooleman694 wrote:

My Home stayed on almost till we closed.


I remember getting showings when we were pending, and this was after the option period.


My realtor told me that sometimes things fall thru during the option period so it stays online.

That's what I mean about the different catagories.

I leave the listed properties contingent until closing because it is not closed until the seller is funded. If it doesn't close, its then moved to 'back on market'. If it closes it becomes sold and automatically is deleted from


Your realtor sounds like they do the same thing. We don't have option period's here except in limited circumstances with a lease option contract. But we do have inspection and financing periods. It is not a good thing for the seller to take their home off the market officially during either the inspection or financing period.


"Pending" is a particular status in the MLS that officially removes it from so in order for it to continue to show on, we have to use the status just before pending, which is contingent. Some MLS's call it a different catagory, but if your agent had officially moved it to pending in their MLS, it would not have shown on  It allows the seller to market the property and accept a back up contract should the first one fail to close.