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Re: Under contract, but very worried (IRS / 4056-T form / Streamline agreement)

Hang in there.  I didn't get any guarantees either, but I didn't expect it.  I just asked them to try and it seems like things are progressing.  On Monday I checked the "where's my refund" link from the IRS website and it didn't show that my returns were received by the IRS yet.  On Tuesday I spoke with my assigned advocate and he said he was submitting the return duplicate I sent him that day.  Today, I just checked the IRS website again and it shows my return has been accepted by the IRS and is processing.  The website also gave a date of when I should receive my refund of January 15th.  The tax advocate told me this is the outside estimated date as refund and transcript can be available sooner.  I'm tending towards optimism here because when I mailed in my 2010 tax return, I received my refund in just under 30 days, and that was without a tax advocate.