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Help me understand the mortgage process please!

We submitted all our paperwork about 1.5 weeks ago. We just got an email saying that they just started searching the title.  What stage of the process are we in?  I thought that was done as soon as our documents were submitted.  Can the appraisal be done before the title search is done?  We're due to close early January...will things be done in time?


My second question is regarding the automatic underwriting process.   When my LO gave us the pre-approval, he said he had to first run our numbers through his software.  Is that the same software that the underwriters would use or do they have another program? 


What exactly does it mean when people say the LO is "packaging the loan".  Is there more than one way to package it.  I guess I just assumed they just collected the documents and handed them over to the underwriters.