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Update: Going for it! VA Loan - Houston we have a problem!
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Congrats, I closed on my VA loan last year in Dec with USAA. Did you try them? You should be ok for Monday!

Actually, I think he already closed.  Just out of curiosity, do you mind sharing your scores from USAA?

I haven't closed yet, there's a termite report issue so I'm waiting for that to be cleared up so I can close Smiley Sad Hopefully tomorrow or Monday.... I didn't go through USAA, but an agency called W.J. Bradley .. 

OK, so, even though I was suppose to close yesterday or today, the seller is attempting to renege on his promises to fix any termite inspection issues, and is keeping me from getting my clear termite, which I THOUGHT I ALREADY HAD. It's silly, there's a TINY section of the house where the Termite inspector couldn't check out because the dirt wasn't 12" from the floor joists, so he refused to inspect it. This is the ONLY issue, and he still refuses to take care of it. The seller, in the counter offer, promised to fix any termite issues that arise, but now is saying he won't and will just find another buyer. This whole situation is mind boggling, and if I lose this house I'm going to be angry.