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Re: Update: Going for it! VA Loan - Houston we have a problem!

seigex wrote:

Another delay, after finally getting the Termite inspection completed yesterday and sent to underwriting today, apparently my Loan Officer is now arguing with the bank over whether or not they will pay the tax lein on the property that exist since the bank took over the foreclosure. From what it sounds like, they are refusing to pay and want me to pay. I'm suppose to be out of my current house Saturday and now it looks like I will be extending my stay here and may be missing my Christmas vacation. Keep in mind the underwriters were ready to close and fund last week, until these issues came up! I will never purchase a freddie mac foreclosure again...

Good luck, I hope it pays off and you get the house! From all I've read purchasing foreclosures can be a pain. It sounded like it was all going so smooth too. Here's hoping the troubles pass soon and you get in there.

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