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Re: USDA Direct Loan funding

Thanks for the response and filling us/me in! Congrats on the new home too and best for the New Year! I appreciate all the advice you have. I'm still awaiting my loan commitment, and my file is still being reviewed (there were three applicants ahead of me to be reviewed, and it sounds like they have one staff working on this, she has been helpful to me as well). Being patient and just waiting to hear back. 

I did have to send some alternative credit references (cell phone, dental bil, cable company) as my credit is good but in the scope of homebuying is "young" I think... 

This is the year though and I'm hopeful, some of the homes I was looking at sold which I'm taking as a sign of things meant to be or not. The Direct loan is worth the waiting in the end though.

I'll post an update when I hear more for other folks going through this process. Thanks again for the words of wisdom and best to you!