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Re: Oh no! VA loan pest inspection help, please!
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lwestling wrote:
Our pest inspection was just emailed. It states there are "visible exit holes by garage window, presumably by carpenter ants. No activity is noted." He also checked off the box that says no treatment is recommended but monitor the area. Is this a kiss of death? Will this get the house denied?
We were aware of the area of damage at the time of inspection. The area is very small and next to the (attached) garage window. There was no other evidence of any type of wood destroying insect.
It's always something, isn't it? Sigh.

depends on what you mean by pest inpsection! The VA only requires a clear termite (section 1 & 2) and a signed off appraisal.


The 'inspection' is not required for a clear VA and  is done for the benefit of the buyer, and helps you with negotiating a better price.


If it was the termite inspector, if he listed it under section 2, those are just things are recommended to be taken care of but not requierd, but as long as the termite guy signs off then you are good to go, if it falls under section 1 termite, those are things that need to be immediately taken care of before he signs off.


If it's appraisal, it all depends on if he signed off the appraisal or not. If it's just the inspection, that will NOT hold up the loan.


Good luck!