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Re: Why would a sane person purchase a home?

I considered this before I (being perfectly sane) signed a contract for my new home.  I wanted an RV. My dream was to fulltime in an RV. Love the idea of no property tax, no ties, freedom.  Then I weighed in the costs of things like gasoline and RV dues, insurance, and nightly expenses (or long-term lots) and it wasn't as appealing anymore.  Add in that I still have two teens at home and that sealed the deal for me.  Even with my taxes, my payment in my brand new construction, upgraded home is less than what my rent was at a shabbier, less energy-efficient house.  Buying a house in my area is not insane, it's a no-brainer right now.  In 20 years, my kids will have a paid off home they can either live in or rent out as we are in an area abundant with vacation rental homes that will prove to be an income source for them.

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