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Re: January and February

I'm so excited to finally post here!!!


Purchase Price: $46,500
Property: Single Family Home, 3  bd, 1 ba, 1312 sq ft, includes stove, fridge, washer & dryer, enclosed front porch, enclosed back patio, fenced in yard, 2 car detached garage, attached carport. Very immaculate and well cared for.
Toured house : 12/13/12
Submitted offer on: 12/16/12
Signed Purchased Contract On : 12/17/12
Type of loan: FHA 3.5 down (my name only with a non-purchasing spouse)
Loan rate: 3.25%  locked
Loan application submitted: 12/18/12
Loan approved: Today, with one condition of LOE for source of 2 recent savings deposits
Closing date: On or before 1/20, and since thats a Sunday, I'm betting on before Smiley Happy
Closed on: TBD, but positive that by this time next week i will have a set of keys!