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Re: Deed in lieu Q's plus some

No a Deed in Lieu can't be backdated.

There are a couple of issues one BOA has to accept the DIL, which thankfully they will do now. Two, the DIL has to be recorded in the public records. The effective date is the recorded date. If the DIL is not recorded there is no transfer. Naturally you will want to speak to a real estate attorney to help with this DIL process.


By the way, BOA is offering substantial incentives now beginning yesterday. Have you considered a short sale (even after your BK)? The incentives range up to $45,000

Contact a CDPE in your area (thats a Realtor that specializes in short sale offerings) to get details.


One more thing, you shouldn't be subject to any collection activity at all. If your BK was successfully discharged, they can't come after you for the deficiency. That is another avenue for you to check out with your BK attorney.