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Re: USDA Direct loan questions

Only you can say if its a reasonable offer. Do you want the house? If the sellers counter offer are you still willing to buy the house? If they just flat out reject your offer, are you ready to pay them the full asking price?


In my area Kitchen Cabinet replacement can cost thousands of dollars. Kitchen cabinet refacing still would be a few thousand in my area.


Depending on size of house carpet replacement is another cost of several thousand dollars. I havent owned carpet in many years, but I believe this to be a fair estimate in my area, and probably a cheaper prediction since the smallest home in my area is about 3800SQFT.


Painters in my area on the very low end charge $400 a room and thats a shoebox room, with no sheetrock repairs. Love those advertisements $400 a room until they walk into your house and say thats for a 10x10 room. Are they kidding me!!!! The only thing in my house close to being a 10x10 room are the walk in closets.


While you can do some repairs yourself, your time and work does have a value, plus materials.


Once again only you can determine what is right and reasonable and what you would be happy with.   Smiley Happy

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