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Re: FHA Qualifying Chances and CA Settlement reporting importance

I guess my dilemma is what to do tomorrow.  Do I sign the “release” that the CA sent (see last paragraph of OP) or tell my lawyer I want better language added (in regards to what and when something will get reported)? 


My fear is that I sign this document and then the CA takes months to report changes further delaying this while process. (THESE PEOPLE ARE EVIL PERSONIFIED!) What happens to my loan process if the CA takes their sweet time reporting everything?


How much effort should I spend trying to get this CA to delete the TL? Would I have better chance at this than my up-to-this-point ineffective lawyer?


Should I try to get any other TLs removed via GW?  The obvious tradeoff is negatives removed vs higher AAoA.



Thank you all for your help and insight.