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Re: Update: Underwriting!!!! Almost There!!!!

Heard from LO today.......the underwriter is requiring that all CA's be paid in full at closing so our LO wants to increase the amount of the loan to cover these costs (anybody ever heard of this?) My husband has two CA's so he called today to find out how much they will settle for.  Also, I had to write a gift letter because the funds for the first EMD came from my savings account.  Initially we were both on the contract so it didn't matter but now that it's just my husband, they want him to verify where the money came from.  We need to provide a statement from the YMCA showing how much we pay for summer camp for our 8yr old, The termite inspection has the wrong township on it so that has to be fixed.  THey asked for rental company info and the last year's bank statements showing our rent being debited monthly since we pay electronically. commitment is due TOMORROW and settlement is supposed to be next wed....praying all goes according to plan.

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