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Re: Can Someone Tell Me.....

Hi. I am the original poster. This site didn't keep my original login, so I had to add the 2004.


Just to clear some things up, so you all will have a better understanding:


The ambulance bill of $800.00 was back in 2006, actually filed the end of 06. It was a judgement, because it never got paid. (This was before we were married.) Someone told me that wasn't that big of a deal, since it was an old debt, and would be on record regardless of whether or not it was paid?


Second, my husband has 2 Capital one CCs. His limit is 350 on one, and 400 on the other. For the 350, we try and keep it less than $75/month, and pay it off at the end of each month. For the other one, we try and keep it less than $100.00 and pay it off as well.


It really aggravated me that my bank does not report his $8000.00 auto loan. He has paid it on time (289/month) and most of the time we pay $350/month, with only $5000 remaining on this loan. Do most small banks report if you ask them to?


My thoughts are: WHAT IF: We only used less than $20/each on the credit cards, and paid them off each month for 3-4 months. Would his score go up then? Would it be better to not pay them off each month?


Just wanted to add this bit of information about the CC and judgement to try and get some help. It's very frustrating.


BTW, for the person wondering about me. I do have a credit card, paid off monthly, my score is in the 680s, but I am a stay at home mom, so the chances of me getting the mortgage loan are much less.