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Re: Deed in lieu Q's plus some

WrickM wrote:


   I finaly got in touch with my specialist. Who first told me i was in fact NOT eligible for the DIL process, then i was transferred to the DIL dept and was told I WILL be eligible for the DIL process in a couple weeks. I am very skeptical of sending them the documentation that want however. My parents both passed last year and I have a pretty substantial amount of money in saving and invested, and I fear if I send them my bank statements and monthly pay stubs they may see this and give me a hard time.  You mentioned incentives is that just for SS or is DIL included? I don't think short sale will work as the home has been unoccupied for years and the ceiling has caved and there is mold etc.  This is also why I certainly don't want it back. 




Believe it or not, your home is an ideal candidate for short sale. It is just that the buyer will be an investor with cash rather than a primary resident. Naturally, I don't know how this new incentive program applies to DIL - I would think it would only apply to SS's and not to a DIL. I think that BOA would welcome your home on a SS because they probably don't have the paperwork to F/C on it now. It is certainly worth checking it out. An experienced SS agent can give you the particulars for your area. If one SS agent can't handle it, interview several. Save yourself some trouble and hire a CDPE. If you need a recommendation for one in your area, PM me.