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Anyone ever pull an all nighter? (Update) - :(
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I just did. I've been up since 7:30am yesterday morning.

I just finished satisfying the whopping 13 conditions in my loan commitment letter and printing, signing, and faxing more documents. My LO said if he gets the final docs by today, we will close on Jan 30th! My UW just finished reviewing all the documents that I sent her, and instead of coming back with an approval, she wants MORE documents!  This is round 3 with the LO and UW.  She said once I provide this last set of documents, my file will go to CHFA, the second UW, for approval.  Now I am starting to get worried that we won't close by the end of the month. 


My stupid landlord is starting to get hostile by text messaging me stupid stuff today like "leave the door unlocked at 4 pm on Jan 31st"...not with my belongings in it I am not, and you are not welcome as you are individual who is threatening to throw out our property.  Why in the world would I leave the door unlocked for her to come by at 4pm on Jan 31st.  I told her, close, move out, and final cleaning after move out THEN transfer the property as vacant!  I tried to negotiate with her like my lawyer told me to and she just got more unreasonable and just plain nasty.  I told her the max that I will stay after Jan 31st is SIX DAYS with PRORATED RENT!  She tells me, she needs to get the house me it isn't going to move any faster if I weren't here those measly 6 days.  All this, because I want to live in a different house!  She has no valid cause to evict me.  My lawyer thinks the judge will look at this as ridiculous considering my long track record of always paying her on time for 3.5 years and the fact I am only living in the house until I close.  This woman is insane and she is trying to make me insane.  And I tell you, I might just get there with this woman.  After her stupid text messages, I told her to not contact me directly anymore and direct everything to my lawyer.  She says, "Excellent!, I will forward his contact info to my lawyer".  Stupid &$%*&!  So she is heading to court to get eviction papers and by the time she has them, I will be gone but my lawyer and I will be in court on the day she requests it...Believe that!  And, if my legal costs for all of this exceed $1500, I am going all in like poker to fully sue her for damages!  She has caused so much more stress and inconvenience than I can even talk about on this forum and I have been dealing with it every day while my number 1 goal is to get out of her crappy house! 


And so, on the other side in mortgage land, I will be up again tonight gathering more documents if I can stay awake.  My UW wants an image of the 401K check and I just got back from checking my PO Box and it is not here yet so I am not sure what to do about that.  Just so sick of documents!  I swear I have already dealt with 200 pages of documents already!  Ugh!  So frustrated with it all!  And in the middle of all of this is my little boy whom I am trying to shield from this.  It makes me sick that there are so many money hungry people out there that will do anything to try to rob you.  If we actually close on Jan 30th, it will be a miracle.  But it isn't looking like it.  Because today is Friday, I fax over the docs tonight and they sit there until Monday, and then they go to CHFA. They are saying CHFA takes 4 days to approve so that will fall on a Friday as they probably won't begin looking at it until Tuesday.  So where does that put us?  In February!  Just "great!"  Smiley Sad

We did the 4 hour walk though and new home orientation yesterday. When we drove up, they were power washing the outside of the house...i didn't know they do that!I was surprised at how much builders care about your satisfaction. We were told to mark even the slightest imperfections in the paint or drywall with tape. The contractors are coming in all next week to fix all the taped items and the issues my inspector noted and then sometime late next week they will hold the final walk through to view the workmanship of the repairs and then we sign an acceptance document. After that is closing and we get our keys!!! :-)

Now I am in that gruesome waiting period that everyone talks about. I think I will get some sleep before my son wakes up for school.

If you are looking at a new home construction, I highly recommend Lennar. They are our builder and they truly live up to their motto, "Lennar Cares!". Their website is Edited


Sorry but had to edit that direct link due to advertising.  Also had to use read since you're using my normal blue.  Smiley Happy  

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