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USDA Funding

We applied for a USDA Direct loan on 12/23. Credit was pulled 12/28, and we wait...and wait....and wait! LOL

Still waiting.


I called our loan specialist today and she said that there was currently no funding because Congress couldn't get things in order? Has anyone else heard this? If it's correct, any idea on a time frame? We live in PA if that makes a diference.


We really need to get out of our apartment for several reasons, so I'm pretty bummed out. She couldn't even tell me the status of my application except that she recieved all of the verifications but she doesn't have time to look at it right now. She said they are trying to close everyone they can at the moment, but we're pretty much to late.


I want to cry. I hope someone knows something!

She said we could apply for USDA Guarenteed or do FHA, but if we qualfy for Direct, we'd be silly not to wait, right?