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Re: Foreclosure/BK confusion...question

MovingForward_2012 wrote:
I believe there is a waiting period for both the BK and the foreclosures. You could be in trouble since most lenders won't approve you until 3 years after the foreclosure sale. So if the lenders searches and finds your name as the last owner to property and that the property is in foreclosure still and hasn't foreclosed, depending on when it finally forecloses, you could have to wait at least 3 years. If someone took out this mortgage in your name, your name must be tied to the property and in the public records system somewhere. Perhaps you should do some more digging there. Go up to the county clerk's office if you have to.

Is it possible it was a short sale?

They filed BK and no foreclosure.

A Bank or Lender is not allowed to file a foreclosure on someone who filed BK with said property included in the BK.


That is one lawsuit waiting to happen.


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