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Re: Foreclosure/BK confusion...question
I can do that but I have read of others having this issue when they filed Chapter 7. But they probably filed after the foreclosure, which is why they got a foreclosure. I guess if you file Chapter 7 before the foreclosure, you don't get a foreclosure? The thing is common sense tells me that if you file a Ch 7 before the house goes into foreclosure, the house will still go into foreclosure as they don't sit in limbo after you file a Ch 7. Foreclosure precedings still begin and your name being transferred off the deed is still recorded as public record. Unless you are trying to say the lender won't care about the foreclosure sale because it was a Ch 7 they filed instead of a 13?? That doesn't seem very fair to those who filed a Ch 13 so they could at least pay back some of their debts.

I understand I can research but this forum is a form of research as it is a place to learn from others. I am not that interested in the topic to do more research.
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