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Here we go again......

   After much credit repair and the healing touch of time I was able to purchase a home last summer on an FHA loan.   Well since the purchase life has taken a different turn and I ended up with full custody of my three kids and my girlfriend moved in with me.  This has left us without enough room in the current home.  We want to purchase a bigger house.


    Problem is this:   We want to keep the current home and rent it out.  Ideally we would like her to be able to purchase the new house, but she is self employed and her claimed income is likely to cause a problem.  On the good side she has perfect credit 750 plus and is debt free.  Does anyone have any ideas?


    I am mid 640's, could I be on the another loan just for my income to be used?  I have plenty of income to support both homes.  We are going to make some calls tomorrow, but wanted a little background before we do.