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Re: HELP! New collection popped up and dropped score 60 pts!

jjmtmj126 wrote:
We went through the whole process and everything was fine.....but at the last minute they said they wanted my hubby to have more time on the job. He was at his current company for 9 months..... And his previous employer for 2.5 years, same line of work. So fast forward to now...almost a year later and in a better position financially, both our scores went up....they were at 640ish.

I really find it hard to believe that with $20,000 down we will not qualify because of a STUPID $67 collection from 3 years ago. That's just crap!!!!!!!!

So 3 days before closing, they denied it because your husband's job history? That seems insane, didn't they already know his job history when you started the loan process?


Was it a scheduled closing you had "clear to close" and then it got denied, or it was just a date that was put on a the sales contract by the realtor at the beginning when you signed the sales contract?