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Re: HELP! New collection popped up and dropped score 60 pts!
You need to send a good will letter. Before you paid it, you should have sent a pay for delete letter and not pay until you got something in writing from them saying they will remove x from your reports after payment of x. PFDs are easier than GWs because the collection agency wants their money and are willing to remove the account if they get it. Once they get your money, they are less likely to want to work with you. But GWs can be executed successfully. So I would go to the rebuilding forum and ask what is the best approach to take when you want to goodwill a collection agency, and they will be able to help you. Some may have worked with the collection agency that you are currently dealing with and they can tell what their plan of attack was and then you can try their method yourself and see if it works! Best of luck to you. I truly hope everything works out. Stay positive and determined! :-)
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