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Re: HELP! New collection popped up and dropped score 60 pts!



Dear Sir or Madam,

This letter is a formal complaint that you are reporting inaccurate credit information on my report #xxxx. Because of the mistakes on my credit report, I was wrongfully denied credit recently for a home loan. My social security number is xxxxx and my current address is listed above. My last address was xxxxx. My contact number is xxxxx.

The following information is incorrect and therefore needs to be corrected or deleted from the report as soon as possible:


-This account is showing to have a term of one month. This account is in violation of the FDCPA Section 807(10) prohibits the "use of any false representation or deceptive means to collect or attempt to collect any debt or to obtain information concerning a consumer."

According to Section 611 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, I am requesting that these items are investigated and deleted from my report as soon as possible. Also in accordance with the FCRA, please FULLY investigate my disputes and verify with the furnisher of information, not just your own data. Be advised that the description of the procedure used to determine the accuracy and completeness of the information is hereby requested as well, to be provided within 15 days of the completion of your reinvestigation.