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Finally closed!

We finally closed on a a refi,  an investment property that now has a $600/ mo. positive cash flow. Thanks to new rules in place, we used the original lender

through HARP 2.0, where DTI isn't an issue. This respresents 13 months of applying, and 12 hard inquiries. Hope this helps someone else who is trying to accomplish the same goals. 

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Re: Finally closed!
Good Luck
May all your dreams and wishes become a reality!
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Re: Finally closed!
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Re: Finally closed!

Congratulations! Your persistence paid off!

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Re: Finally closed!

Congratulations!  That is a lot of inquiries.  Glad it worked out and that your investment is doing what it was meant to do.  =)

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Re: Finally closed!


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Re: Finally closed!
Wow, 13 months/12inq! Congrats on the closing! Smiley Happy

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