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Should I have lender pull my credit now ?

I have been rebuilding my credit after a 2009 chapter 7 discharge.All I have left are some late payments which I am disputing  with Experian.I don't know where my actual scores are at the moment.I have an HH Gregg card with a $2500 limit,JCP and Walmart both  with $500 limits and all three with 0 balances.Mastercard with $600 limit and $250 balance and Visa with $1000 limit with $350 balance.I plan to apply for an FHA loan within 3-4 months.My question is should I let a lender pull my credit now to see where I am in case I need to make more improvements or should I roll the dice and wait until I'm ready to apply? I worry if my middle score is close to the requirement and the lender pulls my credit now and again when I apply,then this might drop my score too low.Any thoughts would be great appreciated.

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