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1st time homebuyer

I am wanting to know what can I do to buy my wife her dream house. Since Jan.2013 she has been working hard to improve my score to get this house she found for 159,900. She as paid off 3 of the 4 accounts in collection and got them deleted off my credit report. We are waiting on the most recent one to be deleted the first of March. So that should make the score go up more.She also have each account that was deleted in writing stating paid  in full and to be delete. My score has gone up tremendously from where she started.  My eq 565 Tu 659 ex 620

I make around 32,000 and have about 19,000 of debt which include a car loan with a balance of 17,000. If anyone has some positive information for me please share it. I need some advice n FHA and USDA loans as well.