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Has anyone successfully refianced with Wells Fargo?

I am trying to refinance an investment property purchased in 2005, and the current lender is Wells Fargo. I am trying to refinace through Wells,

who keeps saying that they are waiting on the underwriter. I applied January 7, so we're looking at ten weeks so far. I have read on other forums

that Wells will go through the motions, however the loans never close. Wells has called twice for employment verification since then.


I just got a new job with an impressive pay stub, should I just go through a small local bank, as I have done in the past?

Comparing apples to apples, I just did an investment refi with US Bank, five weeks to close.

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Re: Has anyone successfully refianced with Wells Fargo?

Your answer is in your own experience. Is there a particular benefit to you to wait on Wells Fargo? If I had a positive experience with US Bank I would return to them with the future business.

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Re: Has anyone successfully refianced with Wells Fargo?

It was DTI initially, as I was self employed, with some W2's. Doing a HARP loan through the current lender negates several requirements, DTI being one

of them. Now that I have a "real" job that's only 40 hours per week, I'll shop around a little more. I'm debt free any own my primary, scores are 805-815.


I did do a search on this site, revealing  very little positive info on Wells, and they want phone numbers ($6200) to close.