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Re: CCCU Personal Loans
posted this in the other thread, figured i'd post it here. I applied for their auto loan and just got a call back from them today. Everything got approved. Just have to send the documents over. The auto Fico score was 681 and she said that was considered "A" to them. I got the 6% rate listed on their website. I just filled out the application online - they called - explained the process and that was it. By far the quickest place i've dealt with.. The best part was they take into consideration payment history on the TL's you do have, if you do not have a long history like me because I am only 19, so not much can be done. She said if you open a checking account with them as well u get % off, as well as for being a new member - pretty good if you ask me. Good luck to anyone else who wants to apply with them... i'd for sure recommend them. I've been with Suntrust for 4 years.. have 5 different type of accounts with them and will be moving them to this place.