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Need Serious Advice (honest advice too)
I'm new to this rat race to improve my credit scores and this website has me hooked!!!  I've read alot about improving the credit scores, but I don't know what else I can do about my current situation. 
My scores are 530, 552, and 516.  Although shows my TU at 628, which has increased quite a bit in the last couple of months.
I have recently got two new credit cards to improve my scores, prior to that, I had none.  I haven't had a car loan in 5 years in my name alone.  The last car loan I had was with an ex, and when we split, he took the car and let it get repo'd which of course shows up on me.
After reading some of the positive things about roadloans, I tried them and they denied me.  Any suggestions?  I make $95K a year, and have the money to pay the outrageous interest rate for a while until I can refi, but I just need the opportunity.  Any advice?  I mean a car loan will improve my score too, right?
Thanks for any advice!!!