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Re: thinking about getting a personal loan to pay off high interest rate CC
I have a question?  How are we supposed to qualify for personal loans, lines of credit, Helocs or any of that to consolidate debt if we are told that our DTI is too high and our cc utilization is too high, that is why I am asking for help through the loan?  And you are correct, we will take a ding for applying in the first place only to be told that there is nothing they can do.  I am confused on that one.  How can there be so many loan products out there and companies advertising them and even telling you about them and saying hey we have products for people with good, bad or worse credit and when you apply they can never seem to find a program to put you in?  What is up with that?  Sorry, I am kind of mad, here.  Not at you guys..  Pray for me.