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Re: Need Serious Advice (honest advice too)
Thanks for the info.  How did you get hooked up with Regional Acceptance?  Through a dealer?  Their website is dedicated to dealers, etc.  I was accepted for a loan through CarMax, but they only had a certain lot of cars that I could get with that and none of them is what I wanted. 
The income isn't a problem, nor the ability to pay for a payment and God knows that I've learned my lessons with the past and will NEVER pay late on anything again!!!!  It is frustrating getting turned down though!!!
Yeah it was one of those "Your Job Is Your Credit" dealers.  CarMax is a little shady in my opinion, yeah they are easy to deal with, but I always think they are slipping you roofies and taking you for a ride....kinda the "It's too easy" feeling.     Maybe try a small used car dealer, independent dealer they will be more willing to search for a lender.  The bigger guys just go with whoever takes them out to lunch more, the smaller guys need the sale.