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Re building credit on my way to a home in Illinois
I am a single mother with a $42,000 income in Illinois. I am tired of renting and my lease is up in Dec. my current scores are as follows 588, 549, and 612. I would really like to buy a home by the time my lease is up. Currently I am disputing a lot of inquiries and collections on my account that will hopefully come off of my credit report. I also have 2 car loans in my account and one will be taken off by Dec. because my brother is going to take me off as a cosigner (is this a good idea? he's never been late and there is only $8000 left to pay on the car) would this affect me or help when I apply for a mortgage loan. I also would like ideas on how to dispute certain things on my report? Anything that can help boost up the numbers.... Finally, I would also like to know if anyone knows any lenders and real estate agents that will work with some one with bad credit like me in Illinois.
desperately seeking credit