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Score Required for Student Loans
I just turned 18 in July and have three credit cards ($300/limit, $700/limit and $500/limit) and I took out a $500 loan from my credit union. Each card carried a near full balance for 2 weeks - 1 month and my loan will be paid off by February. All payments have been made on time. Due to my dad's status with the IRS I am ineligible for federal financial aid (including Stafford Loans). I intend on going to a large state university, ideally in the spring or next fall if need be. Right now I work Full-Time on a $1600/mo gross salary. I need to take out alternative loans to pay for all school costs. I do not have anyone eligible for co-signing a loan application for me. Does anyone know at what point I might receive a credit score and how much that might be? Also, what score does Sallie Mae (or other companies... recommendations?) require for Signature Student loans? Will my short credit history make me ineligible for it? Would it be prudent to wait until next July to apply for school loans in the fall or is six months appropriate?