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every site i post a credit ? no-one awnsers...PLEASE help fico board
My husband and I filed ch 7 and was discharged feb 2004....we have since repaired our credit and got a credit card-all pmts on time...this month our scores finally climed out of the 500's EX-624, EQ-624, TU-642....we have 13 1/2 acres of land 7 acres cleared and ready for a home we want to build. We only owe $16,000 on our land here in TN. The fico home page calculator says we could get a loan with under $900 pmt for $130,000 accurate is that? And is gonna be easy to go in a "bank" and get a mortgage loan with these scores? We rent and pay our land pmt each month- it is getting old when we have such a beautiful piece of land, we have been repairing and boosting scores for 3 years- now that we have these scores can we do it? I am sooooo afraid of something happening and my scores going down- i have heard of it before, can this happen if we continue to pay on time? and dont incurr any collections?  We are renting ,have 3 growing children in a 2 bedroom home...Please help! I want my home! Thankyou!!!