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Re: pre-approval letters
Some people have different programs then others. Being a direct Lender I have found that my porgrams are better than any broker's. If you are doing a CONV loan we actually initially use an automated system that underwrites our files prior to the UW signing off. Once they receive your info they should run it through this system to make sure you will be approved. Underwriters won't typically look at a file unless it has been ran first. As long as the information they input to run the system and get the file approved matches up to all the supporting documentation you should be fine. My personal opinion stay away from Lending Tree because alot (not all) of the companies that use them just do what I call the bait n switch technique. They tell ya something good to get you in the door because they know that others are competing for your business. What state are you in? Email me some details on the loan and I can offer you some more advice
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