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Re: What age did you buy your first home?
Definetely just beginning to think about it. I am desperately trying to get rid of Wachovia charge off account. I have sent numerous PFD letters with no response. Its been about 6 months since I have heard anything from Wachovia. I will be finishing up my degree in the next 2 years and more then likely will transfer to active duty then. I have a good paying job now, around 36k after taxes and beginning to save up some money. I have a large balance on my credit cards now as I have been using them to buy christmas gifts but I usually see 80 score increase whenever I pay them off completely. I currently have 3 credit cards that I have applied for on my 18th birthday(yes, thats right) and have had them every since with no lates. I have a paid off lease through Aarons  on some furniture that has been reported. $500 peronal loan from Navy Federal and a brand new (just mailed my first payment) auto loan through ford credit.  Should I add another line of credit in the mix for a better long term outcome or am I ok? I have no trouble making my current payments.

Single charge off, Wachovia won't PFD.
New Auto Loan at 10.9% w/ Ford Credit