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thank you to everybody who responded to my notices on this board. you all were a great help. i finally closed got the keys and ready to get the moving truck! and a great interest rate to boot. 4.87% !!!!!!
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Re: I CLOSED!!!!!
Thi sis wonderful news!  A great big congrats to you!
WOW! EQ when I joined myFICO: 657. Ups and downs and a few bumps and bruises, but finally back over 700. Whew!

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Re: I CLOSED!!!!!
* While I try to visit the forum often, please feel free to contact me directly with a link to your post if I fail to answer a follow up question.

* Lending across the entire 'Great State of Texas' since 2004
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Re: I CLOSED!!!!!
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Re: I CLOSED!!!!!
Woo-HOOOO!!!! Congrats!!! Smiley Happy

Next, you'll be coming in here sharing home decorating tips, right? Smiley Happy


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Re: I CLOSED!!!!!
Yippee!  You must be so excited!  Congrats!
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Re: I CLOSED!!!!!

Super Congrats cantgetahead!!!! Smiley Happy


It's a great feeling, isn't it??!!!


Funny you should mention your interest rate.

I just read in this morning's USAToday that the

new national average for 30yr mortgages dropped

to 4.89% (compared to 5.07% last week). So you

did even better than the national average...Smiley Happy


Congrats again on the successful closing.

You now own a piece of Americana!!!!! Smiley Very Happy




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Re: I CLOSED!!!!!
Congrats to you!!