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Made an offer...accepted! ----> a.k.a Home purchase venting thread
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So...after all my scary thoughts about being approved because of my self-employment, I ended up getting approved no problem. Which by the way, was much less painful than I expected it to be!  Got the full approval and commitment letter before house hunting.


Went up to look at houses all weekend. Actually went into about 12, drove past about 20. Some we just didn't like from the outside or the block etc.  We had originally had it narrowed down to a few neighboring towns (moving out of state) but decided on on particular town towards the end of the trip.  Neighborhood was nicer, better schools, closest in terms of commute to city, etc.- it was just more "us" as well.  We saw a few that were okay but they needed a LOT of work. After going through the last house on the list - I was not impressed.So, we were talking about coming back up next weekend to try again. (Which is a major hurdle with a kid in school, a dog to board, neighbors looking in on cats, etc. argh!!!)


My realtor asks me why I didn't ask her to see one of the houses she sent me in the list of homes she sent me and I told her it just didn't 'wow' me and I didn't like the staircase going up to the bedroom in one of the photos, it looked really narrow and strange, etc. She tells me things can look really different in photos and it's right down the street, so why don't we just take a peek at it. Okay fine...we go in and it's perfect!  Kitchen needs remodeling, but I expected that...and wanted that. I don't want to pay for someone else's renovations I know what I want and wanted to do it myself.  Hardwood floors are in great shape, windows are fairly recent, roof looks only 2-3 years old, heating system is NEW and was converted from the old oil system to gas!! (Que: singing angels/music)


Yard is fenced and just needs a gate at end of driveway. Perfect for the doggie.  The neighborhood is full of similar style homes- great block. Everyone seems to maintain their property nicely, noteably landscaped even though it's winter and everything is dead. Now, it's a few hundred sq feet smaller than I had hoped for, but I think that the nicer neighborhood and better school district is worth the size compromise. 


Bank owned, but in surprisingly good shape. Made an offer yesterday, it was accepted today!! I offered only $5k under asking price, as I knew it was a great deal after seeing all the crap I saw for the whole weekend. The house across the street is 130 sq feet smaller and sold for $55k more 3 months ago. And, this home that I plan to buy sold for $104k more in October of 2007, so I think I'm getting a steal! I am so excited and so thankful for all of the support that has been given to me here!  I don't think I ever would have made it this far if it were not for this forum. 


Thank you, thank you!! 

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