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Re: Made an offer...accepted! Woo Hoo....

Wow! Congratulations to YOU!


Your scenario sounds sooo much like mine! My realtor threw one in one day (I usually only look at ones I pick out and send her). We pulled up in the driveway and I said 'NO" and started to get back into the car. She and my son convinced me into going in. I fell in love! Offer accepted today!


I know exactly what you mean about photos. I've looked at close to 80 now and none of them ever look like they do in pictures!!! Good or bad---they just don't!


Ironically, the night before and morning of the day I first saw this one I had looked at the pictures and said "EWWW! No way!" (Didn't even realize until after I had put a contract on this house that I had seen it in online searches a few times!)  After putting a contract on it was trying to pull up pics to show family. I was never so happy that listing was really wrong in showing the amount of rooms and bathrooms and the pics were horrible!


So, everyone out there around as well as looking online. And if the listings seem to have what your looking for in an area that is acceptable to you---LOOK at it in person!


Again UP.....BIG Congrats!!!

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