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Re: How do I get my escrowed property taxes lowered in my monthly mortgage payment?

I went through the same process when I bought my home last February.  My home came back at 170,000 in the tax appraisal even though I purchased it for $126,000 and my property appraisal at closing came back at $131, 500.  I disputed the county's tax appraisal, submitted the paperwork and they went with my appraisal amount of $131,500.  For 12 months I paid the higher taxes knowing I was overpaying and my escrow balance kept getting larger and larger.  Tax time came and went, they paid out my taxes.   Countrywide adjusted my escrow balance automatically and issued me a partial check of a little over $600.  Apparantly they figured the lowest escrow would reach throughout the year (around $1300), they then kept 16.6% of the base escrow amount (about $700) and subtracted the $700 from the $1300 and refunded me the rest.  It seems there will always be some overage in the account as a just in case, however, they have adjusted my monthly payment down for future tax costs. All of this was automatically done at around 12 months.


I suspect that like me they will reimburse you for part of it, the rest they will keep in your escrow account.