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Re: How do I get my escrowed property taxes lowered in my monthly mortgage payment?

Disputing the tax appraisal was actually quite easy - and I did most of it online.  It was nice to get a chunk of money back for a little bit of work.  This year I got to file for homestead as well - which should help a little bit also Last year we bought in February so we couldn't file homestead exemption for last year - you have to be actually living on the property on the first of the year in my state to claim it.


I'm not at all bothered that they are leaving some in escrow - it actually makes me sleep a little better at night knowing I've got a cushion and won't necessarily have to come up with an unexpected chunk of money down the line.  Because they have decreased my monthly payment to account for the change in taxes, I'm now putting the difference into savings and living like we are still making the same payment.