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Wanting mtg in next 6 mo. - get a cccu cc to boost score or no?
We're recovering from b/r just over 3 years ago.  Since then, no baddies, a HHBC with perfect history, low util, $800 limit.  almost 12 mo. of history on a small car loan ($2500 original, owe about $1600), to help build score.  it's been working - we're at:
experian 638
equifax 586
TU 631 (per creditxpert score report - gotta switch I guess to myfico for more accuracy)
annual income is $80-$100k.
We're wondering if we should apply for the cccu cc now, to help establish another open tradeline, and bump that score higher, or if we're just too close to the mortgage to do anything new right now?  We're hoping to buy within the next 6 months.
Oh, we might also have another tradeline being reported, as we bought a matress set on an in-house financing, and they're selling accounts to Am. General.  That one is a $1500 limit, established in April, and owe $500 on it. 
Thanks for any suggestions!  I'm new to this FICO game, but trying to learn as much as I can!