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Re: Pictures Of The House You Closed on

HI! Well to some of you in other states, this might sound like a lie.  My husband and ! reunited after 10 years. For the 10 yrs. before we were busy trashing our marraige as well as our know, the God-given credit you are born with and receive when you are way too young. We stayed with my ill mom until she passed.  Now we find ourselves in our early 50's just beginning to get an credit clue. We were lucky enuff to find a cute bungalow on a suburban 3/4 acre corner lot.  However, we had no other option in 7/08 than to get a sweet owner finance deal.  There would have been no options besides owner finance..4000$ down on a 10 year 8% 10 year loan..533$ mortgage, with 190$ escrow. but youj have to spend the money on a lawyer to protect you...maybe 300$ max, and a thorough inspection before you sign.  High interest credit cards seem to come in the mail every month and i used them just enuff to start receiving better deals.  We pay the minumum on the old ones now and we only use credit cards for emergencies. I am very near paying off a car that mom co-signed for me, which now goes on my report. But, it has taken me from WHO? at the credit bureaus to about 590.  Credit bureau also likes to see dif kinds of loans.  My bank bounced 3 checks, which started a domino effect up tp 888$ in charges. I am a good customer and no bills are ever late, so luckily, they gave me a signature loan to pay them back. I did and moved my money right afterwards.  But luckily, I now have a signature loan, also, too.  I regret not having a mortgage that reports, as owner finance does not. The point here?  Study the way credit works,

before you participate and don't keep a high balance....Most importantly, I worry about my generation.  So many of us never planned for the future at all, much less retirement.  I feel blessed that I had a good family and the good sense to listen to the small still voice of God when he woke me up and led me to have 2 economy vehicles paid for that have been babied and will be pd. for and very possibly last us till we can't   drive. And the house. It is only 789sq ft,  has only 1 bedroom, but all the rooms are quite well laid out.  I wish all of you who may have not taken all this bueracracy seriously the first time the good fortune to get serious before it is much harder to do. Really want some pix? I paid 48,000 in a refinery town near Houston...the home of Exxon... I can't figure out how to send them..but the house isn't ugly outside and it has some really cool features inside...sunken dining and kitchen, with high ceilings, and i even have an indoor washroom...will send pix if you can instruct me.. thanks gem