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USDA Direct Loan possibility

I am not sure if there is even a possibility of my family qualifying for a Direct USDA home loan of an amount sufficient to purchase a decent safe home. 


My situation,  I am a single disabled mother of 4 we rent an apartment at $575 a month with renters insurance adding another $24. This is not a safe place.

I have a car loan in the amount of $344.24 a month and credit card payments in the amount of $60 a month. (I plan on paying off another 3 cards before I


I have income of $674 from SSI and $1,490 in child support monthly.

My credit scores are 687 and 710. No negatives or lates on my reports.


The houses I have found in my area that would take care of the family needs range in price of 75k to 91k.  Does anyone know if there is even a possiblity of getting a loan limit in that range being that for our family size we have a pretty low income.  Any insight would greatly be appreciated Thanks!