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Re: Big change for Fannie Mae June 1st, verification of liabilities just prior to funding

It seems so funny that the banks are so picky and anal now that they go out of their way to find a reason not to finance a loan. We have a record amount of inventory that Fannie Mae needs to unload and they are consumed with the minutae and not the most important stuff like income, debt, the ratios, credit score, etc.  I had one underwriter tell me I drank too much beer and got too many foot massages( I only use my credit union debit and credit card for everything I do) whole life is laid out before these assholes. One underwriter saw a deposit($2000) from a bank statement from a year ago and wanted to know what it was. I won a college football handicapping contest . He wanted to know if I had a gambling problem. I should have told him he was going to have a problem with my foot upside his head. After telling him a resounding "NO!!" he wanted to know why I didn't report it on my income tax....because I had more than enough losses to offset it dipwad!! Jesus!!Its a miracle if anyone can get a loan today.