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Re: The mortgage pre-approval process

hello shane,


you mentioned on a couple of your responses that bank of america doesn't pay attention to details that could be an issue until after you are under contract. well my question is how far in the process could you still expect issues to come up? I am scheduled to close on the 2nd of august. received my conditional approval a while ago. the only thing thus far that has been requested other than the docs i have already submitted are things from the builder because the home is new construction (builder's permit, warranty of completion, soil treatment and termite forms, etc). We just submitted ther remaining docs today, so everything should be going for final approval. Could there still be an issue at this point? Are we pretty much good to go or do we still need to be on edge until we get the official ok to close? I havent given my notice to my apartment complex yet because I am so afraid that the deal will fall through in the end.

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