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Re: Mortgage docs - explanation of inquiries ??

OK, thanks, good to know.  So glad I have these forums to calm me down and answer all my questions because I have so many.  I think at this point i have read nearly every thread on the mortgage board.  Smiley Indifferent


I have some open subprime accounts -  first premier (2) and an orchard bank account that I was planning to close as the annual fees became due....and use these two new accounts as my only CC's.  Now that i'm apping for a mortgage I'm not going to do anything with them but that was my initial plan.  For now I'll just leave everything as is.  Once I get a house I will be closing out the subprime cards since I never use them anyway. 


All o fhte new accounts originating from the inquiries are showing on the CRA's so I'm guessing they're factored into my score...?

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